14 May 2012

Coron, The Second Time Around (Day 3)

The previous night's rains got us real nervous about the weather in the next coming days, but thank God we were blessed with some sun on our 3rd day in Coron. Time to hit the beaches!

As we wanted to make the most out of the day beach bumming, we decided to visit only two islands in our island hopping tour: Malcapuya and Bulog. (We decided to skip Banana Island to spend more time in Malcapuya.)

There's a Php200/person entrance fee in Malcapuya Island that includes free use of a tent with tables and chairs. The owner of the island was really nice and even gave us a discount on it (hey, we're students here).

We stayed in the island from around 11am until after lunch. Perfect beach bumming time!

This is us! Taken at Bulog Beach

Bulog Beach is a small rocky island just a stone's throw away from Two Seasons Coron (opening later this year). The rocks are perfect for photos, and a huge sandbar emerges during low tide. According to our boatman, stingrays "park" themselves along this island's waters in the morning. 

Me and RV on the sandbar, yet to emerge

Sunset at sea
A few minutes into our boat ride going back to the mainland, it started raining. The waves were wild and all of us (and our things) in the boat we soaking. Good thing I was able to take this shot of the sunset before everything became wet. Pinagbigyan nga lang talaga kami. ;)
  • Boat rental for the entire day: Php3000 (original rate: Php3500)
  • Look for Boyet (owner of the Roxanne bangka) along the pier--everyone knows him there!


  1. What an amazing, untouched beach! Can't wait to come back to Coron. :)

    1. It definitely is amazing! And what I love about Palawan in general is that the beaches are being kept pristine, un-crowded by bars, small hotels, etc. unlike Boracay.