11 May 2012

Coron, The Second Time Around (Day 2)

Day 2 of our trip to Coron wasn't so blessed with a bright and sunny weather, so we decided to postpone our beach bumming until the next day. Despite the dark clouds and light rains, we pushed to Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoons.

A bangka parking lot of sorts ;)

The weather may not have been sunny, but the water was still crystal clear.

A tad eerie, but magical nonetheless
Before going to the lakes, we also tried to snorkel along Siete Pecados but because of the bad weather, swimming wasn't easy, so we gave up snorkeling. Good thing about that was we stayed in Kayangan Lake for 2 hours!

Dark clouds over Siete Pecados

A few minutes (an hour at most) of some sun
Since I didn't bring a waterproof camera on this trip, I wasn't able to take pictures in Twin Lagoons (yeah, I know, big mistake!). Good thing Lakad Pilipinas is here! Its post about Twin Lagoons has some really great photos. Click here to see them!

  • Boat rental for the whole day cost us Php1000
  • Just look around for Boyet (owner of the boat called Roxanne) at the pier--everyone knows him there!  

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