19 April 2012

Coron, The Second Time Around (Day 1)

I didn't blog about my first visit to Coron last year because, well, I forgot to, and also because it wasn't exactly a budget trip. This time around, though, I came to Coron with my SO and three other friends without an itinerary; all we had was a vague plan and not a lot of cash to spend (and skimp on) for 6 days.  That's more blog-worthy, dontcha think?

If you're planning to go to Coron but do not have the time for rigid travel preparation (or if you simply don't like the hassle like I do), you might just find this entry helpful!

So here's my day-by-day breakdown of what became of our plan-less Coron trip:
Day 1 (March 26):

Rogers Traveler's Lodge
(Photo courtesy of
  • Arrival at the Francisco B. Reyes Airport -- You don't have to book your airport transfers in advance because as you come out of the arrival area, you'd be greeted with a lot of drivers offering a ride to the town proper.  All vans are air-conditioned, and they have a uniform rate of PHP150/person. 
  • The ride from the airport to the town proper takes roughly about 30-45 minutes.  To while away the time, I chatted up our driver, Edmund, and he referred some places where we could stay that are friendly to our budget.  He took us to Rogers Traveler's Lodge, a family resthouse-turned-B&B of the Rogers family.  
  • Rogers Traveler's -- It's managed by a kind lady named Tita Vits who turns out to be an excellent cook, too.  We took the big room (which can fit up to 8 people) that includes 1 large bed and 2 single beds, airconditioning, and a TV (w/ cable).  That room normally goes for PHP2000/night, but if you want to go lower, try your luck in asking Tita Vits for a discount.  
  • Since we were on a budget, we decided to take Tita Vits' offer to take care of our meals at P100/person/meal.
  • After settling in to our big room and taking a short nap, we were off to Mt. Tapyas (for that 700-step hike up).  If you plan to stay at Rogers, Mt. Tapyas can easily be reached on foot.  If you still want to ride a tricycle, though, the fare costs PHP10/person/way.
  • Maquinit Hot Springs (Photo courtesy of e-philippines.com.ph)
  • To relax our overtired muscles, we headed to Maquinit Hot Springs after dinner.  Entrance fee is at PHP150/head.  Since we didn't book a van to take us there, we rode the ever-trusty tricycle.  It sure was a long and bumpy ride, but we survived.  There's not standard tricycle fare rate for going to the hot springs, so if you're planning to do what we did, just trust your bargaining skills and you can get there and back for way less than booking a van.  Anyway, it's quite a thrill, too, if that's what you're after! 
Pictures of Mt Tapyas, Coron
Mt. Tapyas Cross (Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor)
Contact Persons:
Edmund Velasquez (Van Service)
+63927 995 2442
+63919 531 8729

Tita Vits (Rogers Traveler's Lodge)
Rosario St., Brgy. Poblacion 4, Coron, Palawan
+63908 290 4755

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