17 September 2011

Puerto Princesa: A Night In The Perya

ang roleta
For Tagalog non-speakers: Perya (feria in Spanish) refers to a fair or a carnival, complete with amusement rides and a number of games. I'm not sure if it's the same in other countries also, but in the Philippine setting, many people flock to a perya not just to enjoy the rides and games but to gamble! Featured here are color games, number games, and the roleta (roulette in English; not to be confused with the casino game).

During our second night in Puerto Princesa, my friends and I decided to walk back to our hotel from our dinner in Kinabuch's.  Along our way, we spotted groups of men and women huddled around lighted booths on the roadside.  Curious of what was going on, we walked towards the crowd and voila! we found a perya! 

Color Game 1 (colors are replaced by letters or numbers in other peryas)
  • Minimum bets start at P1.00-P2.00 and the maximum is P300.00 
  • Left: Bettors put their money on the color(s) they choose. Once all bet are placed, the "dealer" then throws the six cubes down to the white area below the shelf. Winning colors are determined by which side of each cube is facing up.
  • 1 color match = x2 of bet; 2 color match = x3 of bet; 3 color match = x4 of bet
Color Game 2
  • Right: Since this is also a color matching game, it's pretty much the same as the one above. The difference (as you can see) is that the table is a lot larger and this involves balls. Minimum and maximum bets are the same as Color Game 1.
  • Bettors place their money on their chosen colors along the tables edges. Once all bets are placed, bettors (at least those who would like to) throw the balls (painted junior basketballs) into the pit. Winning colors are determined by which square each ball lands.
my friends waiting for the go-signal to throw the balls
throw! so...who won?
Sadly, not all of us were winners that night. RV (the one in the tank top raising her arm in victory) was the sole winner, taking home P175.00 in all.

Although we were still eager to stay and play some more mainly because we wanted to take back our losses, the perya had to pack up by 10pm. With the spirit of gambling lingering in us still, we headed back to our hotel and there played several rounds of tong-its! 

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