10 September 2011

Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon


After riding the Micro Lite, we headed off to our last destination in Bukidnon: Dahilayan Adventure Park, where the "longest zipline in Asia" can be found. 


Unfortunately, the road going up to the park was wet (the road wasn't paved yet) due to the rain from the night before, so we had to do a little hiking to get there. It was a helluva long uphill walk but, man, it was also a helluva view! 

the muddy "hike"
Layers upon layers of mountains, pine trees lining the road, even pretty flowers scattered around... I never imagined Bukidnon to be this picturesque. Pleasant surprise!


I may be called a killjoy for not trying out the famous 840 meter-long zipline, but hey, to each her own, right? Instead, I went for the ATV ride around the park which is an adventure in itself, too. 

P1030578 P1030572

The trail was excellent, complete with uphill and downhill parts, sharp curves, and muddy/rocky ground, so better be ready to get dirty if you wish to try this out! Aside from that, the trail also offers an amazing view of the entire park and the woods and mountains that surround it. I say the Php 500 that this ride cost me was very well worth its value. Find out more about this park in their website.

I'd hoped for this to be a part of the park's attractions--unfortunately, it's only for display :(

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