07 September 2011

Come Again, Camiguin: Mantigue Island

  • our taxi service (c/o Kuya Amet, the taxi driver we met in the airport--he gave us a discount!) picked us up from the hotel at 6am; got to Balingoan Port at 7:30am
  • took the 8:00am ferry to Camiguin; ticket price is Php 150 + a terminal fee of Php 2.25; there's a student discount, so don't forget to bring your student ID!
  • arrived at Benoni Port, Camiguin at 9:00 am
The multicab service c/o Paguia's Cottages was already waiting for us at Benoni Port when we arrived. To maximize our time on the island of Mantigue, our group decided to go to there first before checking in to Paguia's Cottages. We left our luggage in the multicab, leaving no money and valuables there, of course.
The boat ride from Mahinog to Mantigue took about 20-30 minutes. From afar we could already see the white sand beach that surrounds the island! I have seen a number of white sand beaches around the country, and I must say that this one should be on my top 20 of the best. Aside from its sand, what makes Mantigue beautiful is the lush greenery at its center, where the picnic tables are located. The various trees of the greenery provide the island's guests with excellent shade and fresh air.

P1030070 by marthakriska 

The marine sanctuary in Mantigue is no Balicasag, but try it anyway. Snorkeling there will let you see a variety of tropical fish as well as giant clams.
If you're looking for beach activities (i.e. banana boat, jet skiing, fly fish-ing, etc) like those found in Boracay, you'll get bored in this island for sure. But if you're looking for a place where you could just relax and take in the beauty of nature,Mantigue Island is for you.

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